"There are valued times in almost everyone's experience when the world is perceived afresh; perhaps after a rain as the sun glistens on the streets and windows catch a departing cloud, or, alone, when one sees the roundness of an apple."
– Michael Benedikt
"For an Architecture of Reality"

We believe that architecture creates a memory of experiences. The smell of centuries old, wet, stone walls that chilled your skin; the dizzying verticality of gothic cathedrals; the conservatory's intoxicating oxygen-rich air; the silky smoothness of japanese cypress, with its luscious golden hue; and the comforting embrace of rain on a metal roof.

The integrity of a place acknowledges and respects it's purpose and context. Memories are richer when emotional connections are made. Architecture is transforming when touch, sound, and smell are simultaneously engaged with sight.

Nature's pattern's are random and perfect. The colors, textures, sounds, and smells vary by region, climate and human imprint. The amazing and incomprehensible diversity challenge us to do better. Materials that age gracefully, patina with time, and co-exist softly. Inspiration is easy.

Over intellectualizing minimum technical and functional expectations are lost opportunities. The dialogue about a place should include words such as drama, quiet, restful, renewing, exciting, intimidating, impressive, mysterious, and delightful. The point is to elicit a personal response. The point is to
create a memory.